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Progress & Collaboration Highlights, December 2023

Proposed Building Plans Submitted and Full Steam Ahead

Big news! We've officially submitted our building plans to the Planning Department in Monterey, and we are excited to introduce the city to this new system of “Precision Component Assembly ”.  With this milestone achieved, we are charging ahead at full speed, maintaining the focus on our Spring 2024 groundbreaking. 

Introducing the Precision Component Assembly System to California

Our vision revolves around introducing an innovative construction concept—the "Precision Component Assembly System." We hope that it will be an answer to the workforce housing shortage in California. We're aiming to speed up construction, lower costs, and, of course, deliver a final product that is environmentally friendly, solid as a rock, and easy on the eyes.

We will share more about the system in the coming updates so stay tuned.

Monterey Site Preparation: Community Collaboration Opportunity

September kicked off with a bang as we geared up for the construction of our new housing prototype on the Monterey site. We partnered with the Monterey Fire Department, providing them a unique training opportunity within the soon-to-be-demolished, condemned structure on our site. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of this training initiative. 

Best regards,

Diane and Brendan

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